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Majorca's charming boutique hotels

Posted on March 11th, 2012 by admin

Mallorca is full of charming boutique hotels. In the first part of my report I would like to take you into beautiful oasis hotel, which I have particularly impressed by her charm and her extensive and valuable features.As a boutique hotel will be called small, fine hotels in a high-quality equipment.The marketing term “boutique hotel” has emerged in the early 1980s in America. In recent years, I know just at this hotel segment has a huge growth in Europe and of course in Mallorca.

Feature compared to the larger hotels or hotel chains can be found in the personal service and design. Boutique hotels are usually owner-managed and surprise with very different styles and character. Although most typical boutique hotel in a small number of rooms are found, in this small luxury hotel segment again and again companies that prop up some of their hotels with a specific style or theme, and so the guest the feeling of “exceptionality” give because that is what ultimately seeks the guest of a boutique hotel: Exceptional individuality.


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