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What makes a good restaurant or a hotel?

Posted on March 9th, 2012 by admin

No magic but a lovely art, the guest is to be recorded in its entirety and to shroud his wishes as a matter of course given a new splendor.Frequently I am asked what a good restaurant or a hotel accounts.As a professional journalist and lecturer for hotel and restaurant I have during the past 20 years is not only a lot about hospitality, food and beverages studied, but especially on the people to prepare and enjoy a relaxing journey .This requires some knowledge and a healthy dose of empathy requires, the ability, thoughts, emotions and intentions to recognize a guest. Also, I was always the realization that there is no magic but a lovable art, the guest to capture in its entirety, and his wishes to wrap as a matter of course given a new shine.

Culinary pleasure is for me far more than just a meal to celebrate. It connects people, creates memories and gives communication with taste and odors – connected to emotions and experiences.

Quality in restaurants is going on

My activities and even restaurant reviews uncompromising quality is particularly important. Everything on the table, must be of good quality. A high quality is still a long way connected with a high price. Exquisitely simple, but – that already is a special class. This is true not only for food but also in the selection of wines.

The fascination lies in the interplay between kitchen and wine cellar. The selection and creation should flirt with all the pleasure nerves and caress them constantly. This is done mostly in restaurants where the waiter or sommelier and wine lovers and well-paying attention to what foods preferred by the guest.

Now what makes a good restaurant or a hotel. It is the addition of many components, like the kind of authentic service-friendliness of the staff, the quality of the food and drinks and the decor and atmosphere of food and of course the guest room. All this can be seen on the philosophy of the owners is to pamper its guests. Ergo: What I have from an excellent wine and an exquisite dinner, when the sterile atmosphere to crash my optic nerves.

Service and hospitality

An authentic

Service already at the welcoming friendliness makes one sense that the guest should feel welcome here and at the center. A credible philosophy of the owner will always take me prisoner.
 Let's be honest! A self-proclaimed first-class restaurant with overpriced uninspired dishes or wine is anything but credible. Then I'd rather go into a comfortable middle-class guest house or a stock Pizzeria my confidence.

In the future it will

Be the biggest task of the restaurants and hotels, to run a business successfully for many years. Accumulates in the hospitality industry, unfortunately, the trend toward simple design without any right to individuality. In the catering solves the “new German cuisine” the superiority of Italian, French and Thai cuisine inspired from. Here, I rejoice in the renaissance of German cuisine, which for decades – was punished with contempt – wrongly. But all that does not mean that guests be breaking down the doors of the pubs. Therefore, it is often “different” or “very” or his “extraordinary”. This is usually a challenge to management, staff, the kitchen and the wine cellar. Because they must take the current culinary fashions serve to convince the other hand, with individual ingenuity. The very special individuality presupposes one thing: Can. Can be used in any form. Able to guide competency. Able to service and customer orientation. Able in quality of food and beverages.


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