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They are actually the most precious, unusual and unique hotel destinations in the world. The editor of the international travel magazine “Hideaways” have meticulously researched and the “Top 100 Hotels” award. The “ultimate Hideaways Guide to the world's best hotels” is now available as a Universal app for iPhone and iPad are available.1200 high-resolution photos, videos and especially the six broad mix of tourist superlatives awaken the wanderlust.

Many people work very hard and so time consuming that a vacation has to be something special. This is no longer about saving money, but rather, in the short available time off to pursue pure perfection. Are beyond the last minute and mass tourism, there is indeed some very exclusive and unique destinations, leave no wishes open – either to the local architectural backdrop to the care of the guests or the surrounding countryside.

Editor Thomas and Martina Klocke provide for more than 15 years, the prestigious international travel magazine “Hideaways” out, one of the most exclusive travel magazines in the world. They have looked with their editors all over the world and their own insights into the new universal app “Top 100 Hotels – The Ultimate Hideaways Guide to the world's best hotels” incorporated. Displays it on the iPhone, iPod touch, and also worldwide on the iPad the one hundred most beautiful and best hotels before.

Here, the app lets

Upright in use as well as in landscape mode: The layout of the site adapts automatically. Innovative way, is the interactive globe in the table of contents, with the desire to find your destination fun. This unique virtual world tour leaves every viewer watching on the iPad already dreaming of faraway destinations and who knows, maybe the second Hideaways app is really a first step for many journeys of a thousand and more miles.

Or to use them as the “Dream Chair-entertainment” in order to dream once of the most beautiful places in the world, even if you look at the featured destinations at the moment can afford maybe not yet – to dream is also very beautiful. “Suitable for six hotels, the app plays from even professional videos such as the Conrad Hotel Maldives, which in the first underwater restaurant invites the world,” said the editor Martina Klocke.

Here are Prince William and Kate spent their honeymoon
Only the necessary cash in the pocket long enough not to spend a dream vacation. You must also know which hotel you must book in order to get offered the desired quality. The “Hideaways” guide is not stingy with the appropriate proposals. So fond of traveling couples about to check in North Iceland in the Seychelles – are exactly where Prince William spent his Kate and her royal honeymoon. Fantastic goals are presented, including an elephant camp in Thailand, the Armani Hotel in the world's tallest building. And Iceland on Laucala in Fiji you can even spend the night at a private hotel by the Red Bull boss.

“It is not even necessary to travel halfway across the world to check into a dream destination. This need not always be finally resorts to deserted islands, Robinson Crusoe convey the feeling deluxe, but can be as hideaways, loving refuge in the midst of cities. In Mallorca we recommend, for example Rocat Cap, where guests stay in a former fortress, “said hotel expert Thomas Klocke.

Also new is the app “St. Tropez à la carte “which showcases the best hotels, restaurants and beach clubs in the jet-set village on the Côte d'Azur. The attraction of the former fishing village on the Côte d'Azur is unabated, year after year to enjoy more than five million tourists a unique atmosphere of this legendary place.


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