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Peace is the greatest luxury, there is. But you can not buy peace – or maybe it is? The union of “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” offers hotels that meet the highest standards and yet are not crowded.Anyone who comes to enjoy, to be able to plan a luxury vacation that will quickly realize that this is not so easy, especially if he does not want to bind to the rigid framework of charter trips.

Go out of the blue, without planning, but yet make no compromise on comfort and amenities? Really need to enjoy beautiful luxury hotels but not to Dubai, New York or Monaco? The solution is “Small Luxury Hotels of the World.” Under this name have over 500 hotels have joined forces to offer the highest comfort, but have only low bed numbers. These jewels are otherwise difficult for travelers to research available to them but much smaller marketing budgets at their disposal than the big luxury palaces, which are always already present in the media.

Who comes in the selection?

A rigorous selection process

Guarantees that all members, both by design and what facility, cuisine and service concerns, meet the highest expectations. There are both ultra-modern design hotels as well as traditional country seats under the houses to find. In contrast to larger hotels, as they are about to Ritz Carlton group, in smaller luxury homes, there is always a friendly atmosphere. Not infrequently, the owner is even behind the front desk to be able to proudly present his work to the guests.

And bargain hunters come in Small Luxury Hotels of the World at their expense. Anyone that is registered for a free membership club receives when booking via the club website a free room upgrade and daily breakfast for two people for nothing. If that is not even a little luxury!

Acquiring a taste? On the homepage you will find all the hotels at a glance.


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