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With great exertion Expect the spa hotels in Germany in mid-October, the critical reviews of the RELAX GUIDE. The testers at the prestigious guides come without registration and every year take the spa hotels in the unsparing criticism. For the new edition of 2010, there were 1312 companies and, according to the publisher are numerous houses in the assessment fell completely out.The more the owners Christine and Michael Heinrich Clausing pleased with her team: Hotel For bleaching Resort & Spa, Castle in the Spree Forest, is the ninth consecutive year as the only house in Germany with four lilies and 20 points – the highest award – been rated.

Clausing family for 17 years working with currently around 170 employees in the Spreewald, Brandenburg, located about 110 kilometers south of Berlin, at their hotel and developed the 90-room house with 4,200 square meter spa constantly.

“We want to offer guests the best opportunity for optimal recovery.” says Michael Heinrich Clausing. In the early 1990s, the hotel was the pioneer in the wellness market. Since the investment is continually made improvements to be developed and new concepts. Recently developed around the outdoor pool, a new landscape beds and the open-air bar. The “Green Vault” is two years “young” – a spacious conservatory overlooking the boat harbor and a very special atmosphere by the smooth transition to nature.


Chef and sommelier Oliver Oliver Heilmeyer Westphal have even more options: The gourmet restaurant has been refurbished and now has an En-gelgarten to enjoy the open air. Many products are examined by regionally-added producers, provides some built the hotel on their own arable land in the vegetable and herb garden itself on. The daily egg production comes from the hotel's chickens.

+ + + rating text RELAX GUIDE 2010:
Won for the ninth time in succession with four lilies! Here are similar institutions – and of course hotels-people. After years of success, they usually put on a kind of fat, they are negligent, inflexible, self-indulgent. Here at any rate can be no question of that house with the look of an old country estate, making today just as happy as nine years ago. It is more a work of art than a hotel, or at least nothing for toffs and people with Alphatierleistungsgefummel Nachmessparanoia. While in Germany there is not a hotel-spa with more square feet and only four beds per room with more rest, but who here begins to count and measure the most important has been overlooked. Generosity is the program. You have nothing – just in time to be out of the massage appointments. Everything else can handle it as you want, swim about in the night, when you feel like it. Gorgeous Ladies Spa, excellent treatments, fitness equipment there's also the way in the open. Very good service, little rich breakfast buffet, for in best quality, very good food. Downside: Not all rooms inspired in terms of size, outlook or storage facilities, but the ambiance and abundance around small drawbacks do well again. Conclusion: a monument of deceleration, but not for beginners – it is extremely fast and addictive

DRESS FOR RESORT & SPA, bleach Strasse 16, 03096 Burg / Spreewald, Tel: 035603-620 Fax: 035603-60292,, reservierung

Owner: Christine and Michael Henry Clausing


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